Nov 15, 2018
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5 Ways to look fabulous under your wedding gown!

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5 Ways to look fabulous under your wedding gown!

bridal photo red

bridal photo red

All eyes will be on you as you are escorted down that isle to be with the love of your life.  You’ve already chosen the dress, now it’s time for you to choose the right shapewear.  The ideal wedding day lingerie should gently hide your imperfections and make you look flawless under your dress.  There should be no bulging, no muffin tops, and you should be able to breath comfortably.

Don’t know where to start? Let Red Carpet Body Secrets help you.  Check out our tips below to help you choose the right undergarments.




1.  Tunic or Sheeth Dress

We suggest that you use a shaping slip or a smoothing body shaper under this sort of gown.  It’s important to have shapewear that hugs the body, although this type of dress does not cling to the body.  As you walk down the isle, a flowing dress can cling to your body.  It’s important to look smooth.

2. Umpire Waist Dress

A body suit or a waist shaper would be amazing under this type of dress.  A waist shaper or trainer will gently lift your bosum and make you look amazing under this type of dress.

3. Backless Dress

Try a backless bodysuit or a slip that dips low in the back.  These look amazing when you take off your dress and they also hold in your stomach and smooth your body.

4. Plunging or Low Neckline 

A silicone stick on bra along with a slimming panty will give you everything you need under this dress. You will feel controlled, sucked in, and smooth under this sexy gown.

5. Strapless Gown 

Strapless gowns are an amazing way to look classic for your big day.  A gorgeous under bra waist trainer would be an amazing choice for this gown.

Let us help you look flawless on your big day.  Shop our Shapewear Bridal Collection to find the perfect pieces to wear underneath your gown.

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