Nov 4, 2015
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CGI 3D Animated Spot : “Red Carpet” – by The Soulcage Department

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Check out this hilarious 3D animated spot called “Red Carpet” as we see the cute celebrity starlet as she arrives for the gala event, when a real gust up occurs which thrusts her into even more stardom! Created by The Soulcage Department and commissioned By Bayer Healthcare for their Lefax Product. For more information, please see the details and links below:
Agency: Ketchum Pleon München
Client: Bayer AG / Bayer Healthcare

Lefax, the best-known and best-selling preparation for flatulence and abdominal bloating in Germany, needed a bold and socially relevant content strategy that would help attract consumers age 30-49. Because research showed – and we all know! – that flatulence is embarrassing, and that this demographic often prefers to discuss such matters in online forums, the team knew the strategy would have to be online and social.

Building on the popularity of, and obsession with, celebrities, the team developed two humorous videos that parodied celebrity gala events – by including red carpet farting moments – and aired the videos in the weeks before and immediately following Germany’s prestigious Bambi Awards.

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