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My kind of GRWM means we are DIY-ing my red carpet dress in one day, and then speeding through makeup because I’m not an expert. This dress is floor-length and could also be a formal/prom/black tie dress. I’ll show you how I made it and then take you to the Buffer Festival red carpet! CLICK TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD:


Female Professional Dress Form with Collapsible Shoulders
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  • Posted: April 28, 2017 19:05

    Coffee & Friends

    What kind of fabric did you used for the skirt? I can't catch the name:/ p.s. it looks really good!
  • Posted: May 1, 2017 01:24

    Kate Garinger

    Hi Wendy! I came across your channel recently, and I've been hooked ever since. So many projects I want to try this summer! I wanted to ask, do you think a lightweight satin would give an effect similar to the rayon you used here? I love the way it blows in the wind!
  • Posted: May 15, 2017 03:48

    Crystal Fernandez

    i cant stop saying waaw...WAAW WAAAW WAAAAW! omg i'm in love
  • Posted: May 24, 2017 17:43

    J α s ᴍ ɪ ɴ ᴇ Red

  • Posted: May 29, 2017 00:43

    Sharon R. S. Diaz

  • Posted: June 19, 2017 13:01

    Kiara Gaylican

    can someone tell me how the gathering with 1, 2, 3 holes works? i wanna try this in the future so it'd be nice if someone can help a noobie out! thank you!
  • Posted: June 24, 2017 19:37

    P L

    I wished you showed us how you did the folds in a little bit more details
  • Posted: July 24, 2017 14:21

    Shyni Pradeep

    in our country we will not get pretty fabrics,if we find one that will be expensive 😠😠😠
  • Posted: July 26, 2017 05:12

    Vathay Yaing

    Is it rayon? It looks more like a satin or silk charmeuse but I'm not sure
  • Posted: July 29, 2017 14:32

    Caitlin medeiros

    Wendy, you deserve to be a celebrity! A fashion designer millionaire! You're so amazing and an inspiration to me
  • Posted: August 9, 2017 02:02


    If that's not glamorous idk what is. Wow 😍
  • Posted: August 9, 2017 23:56

    Maria Montalvo

    Does anyone think this would be cute short, I want to make something like this but for homecoming.
  • Posted: August 26, 2017 21:11

    Astrid Grabner

    wow, this looks SO gorgeous when walking!!!!
  • Posted: August 30, 2017 21:14


    Fantastic job on the skirt
  • Posted: September 23, 2017 21:43

    Mary Sutley

    I can't believe how creative you are. And the skirt. The colors,the flow,the beauty was remsrkable.
  • Posted: September 25, 2017 00:13

    Chelsey Michaud

    What direction was the pile for the velvet ribbons on your skirt?
  • Posted: September 27, 2017 16:59

    Aspen Edwards

    how do you know how much fabric you need for the skirt depending on body size?
  • Posted: October 8, 2017 12:11

    Ghislaine Beauce

    I loved this!!! Have you done any other variations on the bodysuit theme? I ask because I'm a pear shape, and I struggle to find any tops I like to go out at night in, to dress up a beautiful flowing navy skirt or just a pair of jeans. A bodysuit looks like the perfect solution, simple and clean. Could you do a video with ideas to tweak it? Also, I love boat necks, are they hard to do? Or to get right?
  • Posted: October 18, 2017 03:57

    Lupa Frazier

    I want a hooded cape/robe that does that. That's beautiful.
  • Posted: October 22, 2017 00:15

    Sorin Chae

    Elie Saab is fav fashion designer!
  • Posted: October 27, 2017 12:44


    I've watched this video for like 10 times now because this is my favorite video of yours! I just really love the skirt you made here and I think I've never seen anything like it and that fabric! Argh it's just beautiful <3 <3
  • Posted: November 27, 2017 07:17


    This is so stunning!!! A dress the day of? Goals!!!
  • Posted: December 21, 2017 01:22

    Sofia Guzman Ordoñez

    The dress is amazinnnnng
  • Posted: December 24, 2017 22:14

    Delilah Flowers

    It’s so pretty
  • Posted: December 27, 2017 17:50

    Lubna Nadiri

    Wow i love the dress 👌 it's a gorgeous dress !! 💕💕💕
  • Posted: January 1, 2018 16:58

    Dianuska Gîncu

    Do you think you could do someday a more in detail tutorial o how to make the skirt please?
  • Posted: January 3, 2018 23:05

    azeezat hassan

    That was awesome👍 but did you change your color it looks more pretty at the party
  • Posted: January 10, 2018 02:53

    Ra S

    you are so incredibly talented! what a beautiful elegant dress!
  • Posted: January 18, 2018 15:40

    Marie T Gonzalez

  • Posted: January 19, 2018 21:48

    Lovette Williams

    Hi Wendy, I love the dress I was to try making it. Can you please show a step by step video? It s bit hard to follow the steps without seeing how you do it. Thanks
  • Posted: February 6, 2018 10:09

    Pamela Cunningham

  • Posted: February 13, 2018 15:39

    Oh my Chacha

    Wooooooooow Gurl it beautiful 💜
  • Posted: March 14, 2018 20:13

    Hannah Tuck

  • Posted: March 14, 2018 22:41


    Would it still look that nice and flowy if it wasn't as long? If it didn't or just slightly touch the ground so you could dance in it?
  • Posted: April 5, 2018 18:44

    Burcu Y.

    Türkçe altyazı için teşekkürler ❤️
  • Posted: April 8, 2018 21:38

    Valérie Breyton

    Wow! You did it again!
  • Posted: April 12, 2018 02:15

    Yves George Sanchez

    I love the flow of the Rayon fabric!
  • Posted: April 29, 2018 17:54


    this is so stunning
  • Posted: May 14, 2018 03:13

    Jeanne Kim

    My prom date's mom (WONDERFUL lady !!) actually made the skirt piece for me for my senior prom night last year! I pointed her towards this tutorial and she said that it was very easy to follow and the results were beautiful (': just wanted to thank you Wendy and Momma Jones for making my night so amazing ~
  • Posted: May 23, 2018 06:40

    Anastasia Meyer

    This is pretty risky
  • Posted: June 2, 2018 04:17

    gamerz mobile

    Jesus christ love you Wendy.
  • Posted: July 14, 2018 03:19


    If I were to do this with a velvet backless halter bodysuit and a shorter skirt, would it make a good homecoming dress?
  • Posted: August 12, 2018 08:17

    Ana Bee

    5:28 ALB???
  • Posted: September 22, 2018 23:18


    That was beautiful! I wish tbe vid was more detailed, slower. I didn't follow. Oh well..
  • Posted: September 26, 2018 15:36


    Ugh gorgeous and so simple. I'm gonna make one
  • Posted: November 30, 2018 15:16

    Enna Laaksonen

    I have that dress in sims 4 lol
  • Posted: December 1, 2018 04:47

    Sunny Smith

  • Posted: December 10, 2018 04:25

    Moz watch

    Very beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 The colours are so YOU!!! ThankYou!!